Ancient Wisdom: Modern Healing!

August 15, 2007

In 1875 a group of mystics, oracles and Ascended Masters saw the coming century and realized there would be large crescendo in manipulation and technology! They decided that the some of the most closely guarded secrets of the ages would need to remain just that…secret until after the millennium. We are now at the time of the resurrection of powerful modalities that inspire, heal and focus the energy of love and light in stunning ways. Learn some of the most ancient wisdom and Sri and Kira reveal the secrets that were closely held and are now ready for all to benefit from. We are truly at the time of the ancient rebirth of wisdom, and the resurrection of true healing for all. Call us with your questions, feedback and soul reading requests! “Reunification is indeed a rebirth, and in rebirthing you are free. You are now connected and you are indeed back in the arms of the Divine.” The Benevolent Ones