Accepting the Abundance of Gratitude!

November 21, 2007

Are you ready to have everything you ever wanted? What would happen if that moment is now? Take a moment and reflect upon these provocative questions that invite you to fully reveal your ability to receive and accept. November has been the celebration of Gratitude, and tonight, Sri and Kira will take you on an exploration of Divine Clarity around the energy of Abundance and how it is often a key component toward the full integration of Gratitude. The phone lines are open, so call in with your questions, or to ask for a mini soul reading! Are you ready? Find out tonight! “Relax from feeling that you must have a definition for everything. Breathe into the Authenticity of your Soul. Breathe in the Peace. Breathe in the Joy. Breathe in the Love. Embrace these as the habit.” ~ Archangel Zadkiel, Sacred Union, The Journey Home, page 63