A World in Transcendence

May 28, 2008

Spiritual Cinema is gaining and more films are recognizing that they can inspire positive shift in our world. Tonight Sri and Kira welcome the extraordinary filmmaker Danisa Jacobson, producer of the soon to be released, “Transcendence.” “My desire is, that all may experience the blessing of being touched by the presence of the Divine through the essence of one who is AWAKE, to re-awaken this direct connection to the Divine within the viewer.” “Transcendence” is the first of a series of documentary films whose main focus is to help heal, transform, and awaken mass consciousness. The lines are open, join in and be part of the shift! www.gururendezvous.com “You are not limited by that which the mind of the brain of the human vessel wishes to create!” Archangel Zadkiel, 2012: You Have a Choice, pg. 223