2016 Predictions! The Metronian Star Opens! RIDING the Escalator of Ascension for 2016 and Beyond!

December 6, 2015 Spirituality Uncategorized

2016 predictions

As we rapidly approach the New Year of 2016, The Metronian golden energy has already begun to embrace our planet. This extraordinary event invites ALL OF HUMANITY into the immediate awareness of light or dark, good or evil, judge or judge not! Sri and Kira will be touching on how to navigate the energies of this new month and how to rise above density while opening to our truth and re-discovering and harnessing the light that we are. This is the time of knowing who we are in the I AM Presence and to harness our resources in all areas of our journey.


Some notes from this episode

Ascension cycle

The opening of the higher chakras. The chakra vastu of 2015 offered a stabilization of the traditional chakra system. This is important because we need stabilization to be able to lift. We have to be stable to be able to accept something new. But in some cases, there were de-stabilization with the opening of the divine galactic blue print and especially when we hit the exploded crown. With new energy coming in, it will normally feel de-stabilizing because of the feeling that something changed or different. The last stages of 2015 has opened a lot of different energies.

What is the exploding crown? It is a divine carrier of fifth dimensional energy.

Metronian star – The connection above the exploded crown.

In 2016, January will open the Metronian star. For the first time, we have an active portal to 9th dimensional energy open on the planet.

Everyone in the planet is basically charting new territory.

2016 will be a very intense time and a very intense year ahead will be coming.

Whenever we receive high frequency energy… if it is met thru an ego-ic filter, then fear will result.

We entered 2016 with retrograde energy. This retrograde (Jan 5 – 25), is a retrograde with the opportunity to bring with it extraordinary resurrection. It will resurrect your life, everything if you call in support, and willing to ask for support, understand what kind of support you need and not be afraid to bring it to you. January is about calling, having the support because its energy began in retrograde. So it can be resurrection for this, or the exact reverse, or regressing. The friction that these two energies can bring can be a sacred fire of lumination or a fire of destruction.

2016 can bring more extreme weather patterns, more extreme political/social issues. Technology has a big influence with the energies that you will absorb. You need to be able to distinguish the good and the bad.

We need to – more than ever – remember to stay connected to our heart centers… whatever actions we’ve taken. Tweet this.

Oneness is always available. Oneness is always here. What are you focusing on? Tweet this.

We are organic beings who do not need technology implanted to our being-ness to be available to what’s happening on the planet right now. Tweet this.

When we allow electronics into our physical body, you are then disrupting your divine connection and agreeing to be aligned with density.

This year, there will be new ways of how technology can be used for implantation in humans and for advanced weaponry. The technological experience of 2016 should not influence you. The key is to recognize which would be positive or negative. If you allow yourself to invite in balance, you will be able to discover light.

Allow yourself to be in the moment of thank you. Tweet this.