2013 Predictions! Harmful or Beneficial?

March 6, 2013

The pope has resigned, North Korea is taunting the world and things are getting more and more intense. In this time of ever greater world-wide challenges do you REALLY want to know what is happening? What does all this information and revelation offer to us as spiritual beings? Is it better to know what is coming and to prepare for it or is it better to not know? Is there anything you can do with all this information?

Sri and Kira dive deeply into a powerful discussion that will invite you to stop and take a serious look at the times ahead. Yes! Things are heating up and yes, there is new information. It is how you process and integrate this information that will determine your near future! Take the time to gift yourself with a deep connection to this show as they share timeless spiritual wisdom with a stunningly accurate look at current events and our collective future.