2012 and the Mystery of Tojil: Living with Prosperity, Ease and Passion!

March 26, 2012

We are at a powerful moment when humanity stands at the crossroads. Collectively and individually we have a choice. There is great momentum to be swallowed into the chaos that is presenting itself and to be caught up in the apparent struggle. Is this all there is and can we navigate our way through this? In early February 2012 Sri and Kira were approached by the lone surviving Katchiquel High Oracle and invited to consider doing a trinity of Tojil ceremonies. These profound ceremonies are very intricate, very mystical and very powerful. How does the energy of Tojil offer us the opportunity of this moment? It is the recognition that the thunder, lightning and sunrise are our call to live our life with Prosperity, Ease and Passion or to suffer the storm! There are ways to harness the great gift of this moment and rise up through it like a phoenix. This is an intriguing show that will inspire you to live an extraordinary life. Tune in and offer yourself to gifts of Tojil!